All American recap: The 3 most dramatic moments from Season 1 Episode 7

It’s homecoming season on All American and California Love takes us to Beverly High’s glamorous school dance before the big game.

We’ve got a real love rectangle on our hands in All American this week. Asher cheated on Layla with Olivia and Layla cheated on Asher with Spencer – who Olivia also has feelings for. What a tangled web these teens are weaving and this episode was an explosive one that blew the lid off just about every twisted entanglement that’s occurred so far. We even got some insight into the fabled Grace/Billy relationship of yesteryear.

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All American – California Love – Advance Preview: Change is Coming

Previsouly on All American, Coop and Spencer butted heads about Sean and how Coop is changing and being affected by running with him. She moved out of the James’ household and into Sean’s house. Due to Coop’s motivation though, Sean has begun to grow and change, he seeks out a job opportunity.

Back in Beverly, Layla and Asher have hit a rough spot in their relationship. Layla doesn’t like being complicit in Asher’s lies in regards to his family’s money problems. Jordan found out about Olivia and Asher’s past fling and it put a rift in their relationship, although they were able to overcome it. Layla also found out about Olivia’s feelings for Spencer but was unable to put her own aside and she and Spencer shared a steamy kiss, one that Olivia witnessed.

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All American – The Choice Is Yours – Advance Preview: Revelations

Previously on All American: Spencer paid a visit to his Crenshaw football team and butted heads with Chris. We learned Asher’s family is broke and he almost permanently ruined a Porsche until Spencer was able to help him get it cleaned up. His continued lies about his financial status has put a rift between him and his girlfriend, Leila. Sean got Coop a job at the barber shop and we discovered he’s hiding his money there too. Olivia revealed her tryst with Asher to Jordan and Leila got a visit from her dad… and his new girlfriend.

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All American – Lose Yourself – Advance Preview: Car Trouble


A new episode of All American is finally upon us! In last week’s episode, Jordan visited Crenshaw and he and Spencer had a terrifying brush with a police officer, one that prompted an uncomfortable but necessary conversation between Jordan and his father. On the happier side of things, Olivia and Leila took steps to repair their friendship and the Beverly football team was able to bond in a way they never had before.

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