All American recap: The 3 most dramatic moments from Season 1 Episode 7

It’s homecoming season on All American and California Love takes us to Beverly High’s glamorous school dance before the big game.

We’ve got a real love rectangle on our hands in All American this week. Asher cheated on Layla with Olivia and Layla cheated on Asher with Spencer – who Olivia also has feelings for. What a tangled web these teens are weaving and this episode was an explosive one that blew the lid off just about every twisted entanglement that’s occurred so far. We even got some insight into the fabled Grace/Billy relationship of yesteryear.

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All American – California Love – Advance Preview: Change is Coming

Previsouly on All American, Coop and Spencer butted heads about Sean and how Coop is changing and being affected by running with him. She moved out of the James’ household and into Sean’s house. Due to Coop’s motivation though, Sean has begun to grow and change, he seeks out a job opportunity.

Back in Beverly, Layla and Asher have hit a rough spot in their relationship. Layla doesn’t like being complicit in Asher’s lies in regards to his family’s money problems. Jordan found out about Olivia and Asher’s past fling and it put a rift in their relationship, although they were able to overcome it. Layla also found out about Olivia’s feelings for Spencer but was unable to put her own aside and she and Spencer shared a steamy kiss, one that Olivia witnessed.

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Single Parents – The Beast – Review: The Gang Pursues Their Passions

This week, the gang pursues their passions, Angie with her love of death metal music and desire to learn guitar, and Will with his urgency to rediscover what made him love weather and chasing storms. Plus Douglas gets another chance with Big Red and Poppy tries to find love with a musician!

This week’s episode was written by Lamar Woods and directed by Josh Greenbaum.

This is a great episode for fans of Angie and Will, both if you ship them romantically or just as friends. Leighton and Taran get to have so much fun and in turn, I had just as much fun watching them.

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Advance Preview: The Purge – Release the Beast


We’re only a few days away from a new episode of The Purge! Last week we saw Alison succumb to her “urge to purge” in order to get a promotion. Jenna revealed that she’s pregnant. Rick and Jenna inched closer to a deal with Albert. Penelope was selected as the next cult tribute and immediately got carted away by a group of psychotic nuns. Miguel got so close to seeing her but he was just too little too late and thus his wild goose chase continues.

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Advance Preview: Happy Together

It’s that time of year again folks! Fall TV. All the networks are flexing their latest new series, and we’re in that great, sometimes awkward, period of trying on pilots to see which ones fit.

CBS has a bundle of new sitcoms launching this fall. I’ve sampled all of them and Happy Together is one of the stronger contenders in the bunch. It’s not a wholly original premise, we’ve seen this type of found family, set-up before (and I’ll admit that is one of my favorite television tropes so maybe I’m biased), but I find that it induces a nostalgic factor that makes this show something akin to comfort food. I felt warm and fuzzy watching and I genuinely enjoyed myself. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve nursed a soft spot for Amber Stevens West since her Greek days either.

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