Tell Me a Story recap: 5 shocking twists from Season 1, Episode 6

Guilt, an episode revolving around the regrets and remorse each character struggles with, brings some of the biggest shocks on Tell Me A Story yet.

When speaking of guilt, it’s impossible not to think of Tell Me A Story’s resident bartender, and the youngest of the “three little pigs”, Eddie. He has struggled to come to terms with what happened during the bank heist since the pilot episode. He’s a bit like the scrappy runt of a puppy litter. Now, more than ever, Eddie is trying to find peace after being an accomplice to Beth Miller’s death. Which is hard to do when her grief-stricken fiancé goes off the deep end and begins stalking him.

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MOVIES: The Rainbow Experiment – Review: The World You See is Just a Movie in Your Mind

Tragedies don’t occur in a vacuum. If they did, the news wouldn’t be plastered with human trauma and plight at all hours of the day. When something terrible happens, there is a ripple effect. The Rainbow Experiment aims to chase down every single one of those ripples extending out from a science experiment gone terribly awry.

Featuring an impressive cast of 36 talented actors in principal roles, much more fill out the background of students, parents, law enforcement, and teachers, The Rainbow Experiment is an exercise in indulgence.

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The Rookie – The Hawke – Review: It’s Not Who You Know But What You Know

Tonight’s episode sees Nolan coming head-to-head against his former mentor after he becomes a fugitive and Lucy gets to learn a few street cop tricks to get inside the mind of a criminal from her TO. Plus, Lopez and West have to deal with a tricky shooting case that may not be as easily solved as it looks.

“The Hawke” was written by Fredrick Kotto and directed by Timothy Busfield.

The primary focus of this episode is on Jeremy Hawke (Shawn Christian), Nolan and Bradford’s former training officer. Well, Nolan in the classroom, as Hawke was one of his teachers and a mentor, and Bradford out on the field. Over the years, Nolan has kept in touch with Hawke, nurturing a friendship with him that generally consists of beers and platitudes about their lives.

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New Amsterdam – As Long as it Takes – Review: Cold Springs

“As Long as it Takes”, a fitting title for an episode about persistence. Max is willing to take his chances with experimental clinical trials no matter the wait period, he’s also willing to stay up all night to ensure his patient gets the 3 passed PT tests she needs, and in a less positive example, Lauren is still struggling with her pills – leaving Casey to pick up her slack and fix her mistakes.

Max, Georgia, and Helen are meeting together to discuss Max’s decision to undergo an experimental clinical trial for precision targeted therapy. Helen is still trying to push for chemo and radiation treatments, as they’re proven to work, but Max doesn’t want that. He feels as if he’ll lose his mind to the brutal side effects.

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Dirty John – Approachable Dreams – Review: What’s in the Safe, Kiddo?

Bravo is trying their hand at the scripted drama department again. This time they’re bringing us Dirty John, a series based off of a podcast of the same name about the criminal life and exploits of John Meehan. Connie Britton stars as Debra Newell and Eric Bana as the eponymous John Meehan.

The first episode is directed by Jeffrey Reiner, whose previous directing credits include critically acclaimed shows like The Affair and Fargo. Alexandra Cunningham, who wrote more episodes of Desperate Housewives than any other writer for the show, is credited with writing this first episode.

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New Amsterdam – Three Dots – Review: Bureaucracy!


Three Dots, aka, the three little dots indative of Max finally beginning his journey to getting treated for his throat cancer.


It’s time for him to begin radiation therapy. Three little dots adorn his face as Helen begins prepping him for the impending trauma. Max hasn’t told the staff yet and he isn’t keen to, but as Helen points out, soon he’ll be vomiting uncontrollably and taking his meals through a tube.

Needless to say, people are going to notice.

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The Romanoffs – Panorama – Review

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We’re back to the extended run time again, ugh.

This week’s episode opens with a man, who I believe is Abel (Juan Pablo Castañeda) scrolling aimlessly through Tinder. There is an internal monologue that plays over snapshots of various women around the city. This is an ode to beauty and the simplicities of it, are we more beautiful when we’re unaware of said beauty?

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