Dirty John – Red Flags and Parades – Review: Don’t Let My Fear Ruin Us

“Red Flags and Parades” is a fitting title for an episode that exposed a multitude of the gleaming red flags adorning John Meehan. Episode 2 of Dirty John was written by Evan Wright and once again directed by Jeffrey Reiner.

Since one of the most important motifs this week is the enigmatic red flag (for Debra anyways, who can’t seem to see them even when they’re waved in her face, but more on why that is later), I thought I would list some of the biggest ones of the episode…

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The Gifted – gaMe changer – Advance Preview: Three Factions Collide

Previously on The Gifted, Reed’s powers manifested and quickly got out of control. He, Lauren, and Caitlin, desperate for answers, sought out the scientist from Reed’s childhood, Madeline Risman, for answers. Risman claims that if Reed is treated with a permanent fix, he’ll die. Lauren is horrified when she gets more details from Madeline’s assistant, Noah, that she aims to create a “cure” for the X-gene.

The Inner Circle infiltrated the bank that had been their target for months and everything went according to plan, until the end when a vindictive Rebecca took out her anger on every civilian inside and slaughtered over 30 people. Lorna was faced with the difficult decision of taking Dawn somewhere safe to keep her out of the line of fire, much to the chagrin of Marcos who wasn’t happy with having her taken from him once again.

After Rebecca’s actions, she goes on the run but the Inner Circle is able to track her down and bring her back into captivity.

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Single Parents – The Beast – Review: The Gang Pursues Their Passions

This week, the gang pursues their passions, Angie with her love of death metal music and desire to learn guitar, and Will with his urgency to rediscover what made him love weather and chasing storms. Plus Douglas gets another chance with Big Red and Poppy tries to find love with a musician!

This week’s episode was written by Lamar Woods and directed by Josh Greenbaum.

This is a great episode for fans of Angie and Will, both if you ship them romantically or just as friends. Leighton and Taran get to have so much fun and in turn, I had just as much fun watching them.

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The Rookie – The Hawke – Review: It’s Not Who You Know But What You Know

Tonight’s episode sees Nolan coming head-to-head against his former mentor after he becomes a fugitive and Lucy gets to learn a few street cop tricks to get inside the mind of a criminal from her TO. Plus, Lopez and West have to deal with a tricky shooting case that may not be as easily solved as it looks.

“The Hawke” was written by Fredrick Kotto and directed by Timothy Busfield.

The primary focus of this episode is on Jeremy Hawke (Shawn Christian), Nolan and Bradford’s former training officer. Well, Nolan in the classroom, as Hawke was one of his teachers and a mentor, and Bradford out on the field. Over the years, Nolan has kept in touch with Hawke, nurturing a friendship with him that generally consists of beers and platitudes about their lives.

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The Gifted – the dreaM – Review: I Want to Tell You What My Truth Is

When I first say the episode was going to be titled “the dreaM” my thoughts were about Lauren and Andy. Yes, there shared connection is mentioned briefly but really, the dreaM, is about Lorna. The episode begins with a hazy dreamscape that turns out to be a flashback, of her early days with Marcos and sets the tone for the episode ahead, which is all about Lorna’s journey from then until now.

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New Amsterdam – As Long as it Takes – Review: Cold Springs

“As Long as it Takes”, a fitting title for an episode about persistence. Max is willing to take his chances with experimental clinical trials no matter the wait period, he’s also willing to stay up all night to ensure his patient gets the 3 passed PT tests she needs, and in a less positive example, Lauren is still struggling with her pills – leaving Casey to pick up her slack and fix her mistakes.

Max, Georgia, and Helen are meeting together to discuss Max’s decision to undergo an experimental clinical trial for precision targeted therapy. Helen is still trying to push for chemo and radiation treatments, as they’re proven to work, but Max doesn’t want that. He feels as if he’ll lose his mind to the brutal side effects.

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Dirty John – Approachable Dreams – Review: What’s in the Safe, Kiddo?

Bravo is trying their hand at the scripted drama department again. This time they’re bringing us Dirty John, a series based off of a podcast of the same name about the criminal life and exploits of John Meehan. Connie Britton stars as Debra Newell and Eric Bana as the eponymous John Meehan.

The first episode is directed by Jeffrey Reiner, whose previous directing credits include critically acclaimed shows like The Affair and Fargo. Alexandra Cunningham, who wrote more episodes of Desperate Housewives than any other writer for the show, is credited with writing this first episode.

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